Review of Black & Decker LE750 Edger

This edger / trencher from Black & Decker is also known as the LE750 and the Black & Decker Edge Hog.LE750 Edge Hog

Cutting your lawn always makes your landscape look good. However, for that real professional look, you really need an edger. It really does make that much of a difference to have crisp, sharp borders and to have defined path lines.

The good thing about this garden tool is the return on investment (in both time, and effort) you get. It takes very little time to set this item up for each use and you don’t need to put in much effort to see spectacular results.

  • Assembly is very easy (see unboxing video below) and no tools are needed to fit together the telescopic tube handle.
  • As with many electric garden tools, the engine starts with a squeeze of a hand trigger, and stops when this is released.
  • At 12 pounds in weight, you are not going to need protein shakes and a gym membership just to use this item.
  • As well as edging, this performs trenching around your borders, to give you an inch gap between your lawn and the flower bed or path (of course, you can trench wider if you want / need to).
  • The depth of the cutter can be adjusted – via a screw at the front of the unit – depending what you want your edging to look like.


  • Full Descriptive Title : Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog 2-1/4 HP Electric Landscape Edger
  • Dimensions : (W)30 x (D)10 x (H)12.5 inches
  • Model : LE750 Edge Hog
  • Power : 11 amp motor
  • Cutting Depth :  3 position – Maximum 1.5 inches
  • Cutting Width : N/A
  • Propulsion : Carry Edger
  • Start : Electric
  • Wheel Size : Front – xxx inches / Rear – xxx inches
  • Weight : 12.4 pounds
  • Warranty : 2 years

You can watch the unboxing, assembly and working of the Black & Decker Edger on the following video.


This electrical edger easily gets the seal of approval from our team.

Good Points :

  • This is very easy to clean & maintain.
  • It is quiet (even though it seems loud in the video above).
  • Leaves a very clean edge.
  • Fantastic value for money.

Areas for Improvement :

  • It can clog up in thick wet grass.

Other things to be aware of :

  • We would always recommend edging in the dry. The LE750 can perform in the wet, but it is harder work.
  • You might want to view the user manual here.
  • The warranty can be viewed here.

Customer reviews of the Black & Decker Edger, can be seen here : Amazon Customer Reviews

We award the Black & Decker LE750 a review score of :

81 out of 100

 To find out more about the LE750 Edge Hog, please click on the Amazon link below.

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