Sun Joe MJ409C Review

Welcome to our Sun Joe MJ409C review.

We tempted to undertake a review of one of the lesser known mowers buy a client who raved about Sun Joe.

Our first impressions were to be impressed at the range of features and the seeming robustness of the Sun Joe MJ409C. However, how would it stack up against some of the better known brands ?

Sun Joe MJ409C – Product Details

Sun Joe mowers do come well equipped to take on the competition. The MJ409C is a cordless self-propelled model.Sun Joe MJ409C Review image

As we have noted in other reviews, not all cordless mowers come self-propelled (even some of the better known brands drop this feature in some of their models). Being self-propelled is a massive advantage, when you have a heavy battery stuck on top.

Out of the box, assembly is straightforward enough, with no tools required, and it is easy to set either one of the three potential height settings.

Sponge comfort ergonomic handle always gets the thumbs up from us and in this respect, MJ409C does not disappoint.

The battery requires 12 hours of charge time and it does come with a battery level indicator.

Starting the mower is a bit fiddly with the increasingly used safety lever system, which requires two hands – one to flip the safely catch and the other to lift out the power lever. That said, it is only a minor irritant and there is an easy to follow diagram on top of the ignition box for those less experienced with its operation.

It’s a pretty standard performer on the grass, with cutting, mulching, and a sizeable bag all performing well.


  • Full Descriptive Title : Sun Joe MJ409C 20-Inch Three-In-One Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Dimensions : L59.9 x W42.2 x H24.9 inches
  • Model : MJ409C
  • Power : 12 volt removable battery
  • Blade : Rotary
  • Cutting Height :  1.75” to 3.5” (7 height cutting increments)
  • Cutting Width : 12 inches
  • Propulsion : Self-propelled
  • Start : Safety key and lift lever
  • Grass Collection : Mulch / Side Discharge / Rear Bag
  • Wheel Size : Front – 7 inches / Rear – 9.5 inches
  • Weight : 97 pounds
  • Warranty : 2 years


We actually think that the Sun Joe MJ409C lawn mower is quite underrated.

Good Points :

  • A good competitor for the bigger brands.
  • The single lever height cutting adjuster is more solid than some of its rivals and, we feel, less likely to wear.
  • Easy to fit bag and side attachments.

Areas for Improvement :

  • An increasingly popular ignition system which, although is very safe, we find a little fiddly.

Other things to be aware of :

  • We were glad that we had a chance to review the MJ409C, it certainly exceeded our expectations and competes well with the bigger brands.

We have found a few customer reviews that you might be interested in reading here.

We award the Sun Joe MJ409C a review score of :

84 out of 100

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