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Yard Machines have generally had mixed reviews over the years – you either love them or you hate them. Here at The Best Lawn Mower Review Site, we do not let any such prejudices get in the way of a full independent review. Out with the matrix, and on with the review……..

Yard Machines 11A-020B000 – Product Details

This Yard Machine is a small gas-powered lawn mower which is not self-propelled. Whilst that may be a bit unusual for a gas-powered lawn mower, the unit itself is relatively light and therefore you can get away with pushing this mower around without the help that self-propel provides.Yard Machines 11A-020B000 Review

Setting up takes a little more effort than most ‘lift out of the box and switch on’ models. But it really isn’t anything that a set of spanners, or a pair of pliers, can’t deal with. The instructions are easy to follow.

The 11A-020B000 is small enough to get into the tightest of spaces, but do not expect this to mow a massive field. It’s ideally suited for smaller yards, with reasonable grass length. However, being smaller and easier to use, you are more likely to fire it up on a weekly basis (rather than one a month).

The recoil start works to efficiently kick the Briggs and Stratton 148cc motor into life.

The grass cut is fine, you may need a couple of passes for any stubborn areas, but no major re-working is necessary for the average looking lawn.


  • Full Descriptive Title : Yard Machines 11A-020B000 20-Inch 148cc Briggs & Stratton Mulch/Side Discharge Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower
  • Dimensions : (L)28.5 x (W)22.5 x (H)13.6 inches
  • Model : 11A-020B000
  • Power : Briggs & Stratton 148cc 300 Series Quattro Engine
  • Blade : Rotary
  • Cutting Height :  3x cutting heights available
  • Cutting Width : 20 inches
  • Propulsion : Push mower
  • Start : Recoil starting system
  • Fuel Tank : 0.4 gallon
  • Grass Collection : Side Discharge / Mulching
  • Wheel Size : Front – 7 inches / Rear – 7 inches
  • Weight : 50 pounds
  • Warranty : 1 year

If you would like to see the full owner’s manual, it is available here : Yard Machines 11A-020B000 Owner’s Manual.


If you have not yet ventured into the gas lawn mower, then you want to start with something that will be easy to maintain. With gas mowers, you always have to trade-off a bit of maintenance work (topping up with oil and gas), for the additional power you get.

This little mower will cut your grass for years, with no fuss and no frills. The steel deck will certainly go on for years and a big plus over some rival plastic models.

Good Points :

  • Light-weight mower that’s easy to manoeuver.
  • Reliable Briggs & Stratton engine.

Areas for Improvement :

  • Could make the cutting height adjusting easier (see below).

Other things to be aware of :

  • Whilst the cutting height can be adjusted, you do need to detach the wheels and axle bolts and re-attach them in another hole to change the setting.
  • We would always recommend finding a cutting height that works with the type of grass you have and does not scalp the lawn…. And stick with that height. There really is no need for changing height settings every time there is a full moon.
  • This machine is non-carb compliant and therefore not for sale in California.

You can check out some customer reviews here.

We award the Yard Machines 11A-020B000 a review score of :

77 out of 100

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